Facial Philosophies

Searching for crisis management support when the proverbial has already hit the fan will inevitable have a high price tag. Guard against the worst case scenario and invest in prevention not cure, it’s more cost effective in the long-run.

Have a think about your offering and be very clear on what could go wrong because one day, it might. The likelihood is that a crisis will come when you least expect it and therefore when you are least prepared.

Be prepared. It takes time, funds and effort to build a brand and to instil trust in your market, to gain customer loyalty and credibility. But, in some cases, all it takes is one big, bad, ugly story for all of that to coming crashing down. It’s harder to rebuild a reputation than to protect one.

We have provided crisis management for pharmaceutical companies, energy delivery devices and clinics on an on-going basis and also worked on a project basis for surgical crises. Our work has saved corporate reputations and that of patients. Often, a sign of the successful management of a crisis is absolutely nothing…because the stories are quashed. The issue never sees the light of day!


Our work comprises of:

  • Creating a reactive Q&A document to include all the most difficult questions that we could imagine arising, and having prepared approved answers should the worst occur and we need to react quickly
  • Producing an issues protocol with a chain of command-led alert system to ensure all the right people are made aware in good time
  • Strategizing a solution and drafting necessary statements should we become aware of a potential threat
  • Crisis conferencing to update key players – internal and external
  • Real-time updates on the evolution of the crisis
  • Media training key brand spokespeople should media interviews be required or video footage produced