I’m fresh from a rose and Manuka honey facial at The Dorchester Spa, and mulling over the different philosophies of facials and which works best for me, when and why.

This was definitely one of the soothing kind, in which you lie in a darkened room with plinky music tinkling away while a therapist – in this instance a very expert one – exfoliates, cleanses, puts on a mask, takes it off, moisturises, adds a serum and sends you on your way. My face is squeaky clean and smells faintly of flowers and is ready to face the world. It was perfect for a Monday morning – indeed for the first working Monday of the year.

On the other hand, there are times when you need a much more medical approach to a problem. Dr Costas Papageorgiou, a consultant plastic surgeon operates out of Harrods’ Wellness Clinic and his Oxygenesis facial is a combination of a laser beam to stimulate collagen, and then an oxygen facial afterwards to calm everything down. Everything here is much brisker and more clinical and you bustle out in double quick time feeling as though the cells in your face are working as hard as you are.

Of course, there are days when, ridiculous as it sounds, you’re simply working too hard to take an hour out to care for your face. For that, Dermatica skincare – which is a prescription formulation rich in azelaic acid and hydroquinone individually prescribed for you by consultant dermatologists and delivered to your door – is the way forward. There’s just enough for one month exactly in each tube, so you know what to use, and it’s extremely practical for travelling so ideal for weeks on the road with the Fashion Circus. A facial you can do for yourself… Dr Levy’s Swiss skincare is another personal favourite when it comes to relying on my own limited skills as a facialist while abroad. The creams and serums are so good that there are visible improvements even if you’re an amateur.

If time is tight, the most effective face improver has to be Botox – in the hands of a pro of course. For extremely occasional shots (I’m talking once a year if that) I rely on Kambiz Golchin at Rita Rakus just behind Harrods. He has no time to waste and the facility of a world expert, so you’re in and out of there literally in minutes and have no fear of The Joker’s eyebrows or a shiny Spam forehead.

And of course, the ideal scenario is a combination of all of the above and more. Maybe 2020 will be the year I achieve this perfect balance..

by Sasha Slater